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Intuitive Readings

As a psychic/medium I will connect to your spirit and use my intuition to guide me to the messages you need to hear.  I will attempt to contact your loved ones, and offer confirmation of their well being and relay messages between you.   

For the Crystal Intuitive readings you will get to choose 7 stones in which I will use to add to your reading.   The stones are yours to keep.  


Oracle Readings​

These readings are guided by the oracle cards, however, I do insert my own intuitive reading as well. 


Tarot Readings

Like Oracle readings, I let the Tarot guide the general direction of the reading.  However, I will add my own intuition and insight as needed.    Tarot readings are only done online, and in typed format.    You will receive a 4-5 typed reading within 24 hours of purchase. 


All readings are for entertainment purposes only. 

Crystal Ball
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