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Embrace Your Light -  Living a Magical Life

20 Week Course

Learning Objectives 

  • Learn how to trust and strengthen your intuition. 

  • Understand the Elements and how they affect our lives. 

  • Learn the exclusive “REAL” Method 

  • Teaches you how to remove stubborn blocks from your past that hinder your future. 

  • Improves self-esteem and emotional responses to difficult situations. 

  • Brings out the inner light, beauty, and strength within you. 

  • Increase the happiness and satisfaction with your life. 

  • Learn how to live a magical life. 

  • Learn to embrace your inner light, share your light with others, and live with purpose. 

Above the Clouds
Yoga at Home

Online & Interactive

This class will expand your knowledge and your horizons!   Converse with your classmates, discover new things about yourself, and learn to live a magical life.  

Remove those blockages from  your past that are hindering your future! 

New Year... New You!

Classes start February 1, 2022!  

New topics/assignments every week.  Work at your own pace! 

Weekly live Q & A

Open discussion area in which to ask classmates and instructor questions!

Above the Clouds
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Payment Options

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Normally $299!   On Sale now for $150!

Payment Options Available!

2 Payments $75  (1st due by Jan. 20, 2nd due March 12)

5 Monthly Payments $25.00 (Due Jan. 20 and monthly after)

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